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March 6, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Are you 'Cyber Aware'?

From frantic essay writing to watching the latest boxset or catching up on your friends’ exploits on social media– using the internet on your devices is part of daily life, with more and more valuable content stored online – from photos to coursework.

Not being able to use this due to a cyber-attack is more than just annoying, it can have serious consequences for your course, your finances – and your time.

As a student you are no less likely to be targeted by cyber criminals than anyone else. In fact, falling victim to cyber crime is now much more common than burglary. Dealing with the aftermath of an attack can be frustrating – losing access to your money or bank account, that essay you spent all night writing or an embarrassing social media hack – don’t let future employers be put off by seeing inappropriate content on your accounts!

The government’s Cyber Aware campaign, which follows advice and technical expertise from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, has two top pieces of advice to help students at the University of South Wales to improve their online security:

  • #ThinkRandom and use three random words to create a strong password. Numbers and symbols can still be used if needed, e.g. RowlingBeyonce96. A weak password can allow hackers to use your email to gain access to many personal accounts, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.
  • Always download the latest software and app updates on your devices. They’re not just about aesthetics. They contain vital security which help protect your devices from hackers and viruses.

These simple steps only take a few minutes and making them second nature will help keep the threats of cyber crime at bay this term!

For more information go to cyberaware.gov.uk or join the conversation @cyberawaregov.

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» NSS response rate winners (Phase One)

Congratulations to the students of the School of Education, Early Years and Social Work, who have won the first of two celebration events to reward the Schools with the highest NSS response rates at the end of the online period and at the end of the survey itself.

NSS Response Rates

The School leapt from 11th place on Friday 24 February to take the first place at the census point of 1 March.

The top five schools at that date were as follows:

  1. Education, Early Years and Social Work: 72.59%
  2. Care Sciences: 71.57%
  3. Art and Design: 71.33%
  4. Psychology and Therapeutic Studies: 70.37%
  5. Computing and Maths: 68.53%

The Students’ Union will now work with the winning school to agree the form of the celebration. The NSS runs until 30th April, at which point the highest performing school will be awarded the second of the two prizes.

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March 3, 2017

Unilife News from International site
Unilife News from International site
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» Drop In Hours

New Drop In Hours

Due to staff changes the new Drop In Hours will be:

Monday 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm
Tuesday 10am to 12pm (Closed for meetings and staff training)
Wednesday 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm
Thursday 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm
Friday 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm

We are also available outside these times to answer your queries

Office contact hours

The IISA office contact hours are as follows:

Monday 9am to 5pm
Tuesday 9am to 1pm*
Wednesday 9am to 5pm
Thursday 9am to 5pm
Friday 9am to 4.30pm

*Please note that Tuesday afternoons are required for staff meetings/training and appointments, though we will still try to answer the telephone and emails wherever possible during that time

Contacting us remotely

Telephone: 01443 482083

E-mail: international.advice@southwales.ac.uk (the IISA have a 3 day email response target though most emails are answered within 24 hours)

Live Chat: Please see the Ask an Adviser page for available times for this service

March 1, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Digital Classroom Roadshow

From March 7th – April 6th 2017, Treforest Campus room TR G221 is hosting a Digital Classroom Roadshow.

What is a Digital Classroom?

Many Universities are evolving the way courses are taught. JISC are supporting projects where classrooms like the one in the photograph below can be trialled.

Digital Classroom example

A Digital Classroom is a space optimised for students using their own devices (and wifi) to work collaboratively in small groups. The room is designed so they can share and display their work.

Temporarily installed at USW for a month, the classroom will be a wonderful opportunity to test out ideas in practice. Everything is installed for free – so all we have to do is use it !

How can I get involved?

CELT will be running a series of seminars, workshops and drop-ins.

If you’d like to find our more, please contact Catherine Naamani

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Glamlife News from Counselling Site
Glamlife News from Counselling Site
The Wellbeing Service News for tag - glamlife is about »
» Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017

Eating Disorders Awareness Week is 27th February to 5th March 2017

Problems with eating might affect you or someone you know.

Effects include disrupted eating habits or weight control behaviour with physical, emotional and psychological changes. It can take many forms: restricted food intake, strict dietary rules, preoccupation with food, and altered mealtime behaviours, excessive exercise, self-induced vomiting and misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or enemas.

If you or someone you care about seems to be troubled by disordered eating, follow this link

» Self Injury Awareness Day 2017

Self-Injury Awareness Day 2017

Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) occurs on 1st March every year, and has done so for well over a decade.

SIAD is an international event that is recognised across the globe.

Raising awareness about self-injury is incredibly important. Awareness leads to understanding and empathy, helping to banish judgment and fear, and to reduce the number of people who feel alone and suffer in silence.

What you can do?

See below for organisations that can provide resources and support, but they cannot fight stigma and educate the public all alone; they need your help. If you’d prefer to live in a world where people understand self-injury and don’t judge, where you can talk freely about mental health instead of being trapped in silence, then it’s all of our responsibility to educate. Here are some ideas from our colleagues at LifeSIGNS :-

Share the LifeSIGNS SIAD video

The new video slideshow thingy is available on Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and Twitter, and it would be awesome if you shared, reblogged, and retweeted it.

Stick up a poster or 2!

Print posters and stick them up wherever you can. You may need permission, or you may be able to use a notice board.
Poster – click to view and save, or ‘right-click‘ to save [3.2MB]
Poster – click to open, or ‘right-click‘ to save[3.4MB]
Grey version (for black n white printing / photocopying) [2.4MB]
Grey version (for black n white printing / photocopying) [2.6MB]

Buy a wristband

Raises awareness about self-injury, and directly supports LifeSIGNS by helping them to continue their work throughout the year.

Everyone wears a wristband for different reasons – there’s always something about memory involved – remembering the past, looking at how far you’ve come, and maybe how many more steps there are to take.

Some people show their wristband openly – as they’re able to say “It’s SIAD, I’m showing my support for friends on the web who shouldn’t be alone in their struggle”.

Hand out some fact sheets

Browse LifeSIGNS fact sheets and NSHN factsheets and print out any that are relevant in your life; leave some in your GP surgery or around work / uni.

There are fact sheets for parents, guys, friends, healthcare workers, teachers, employers and for people who hurt themselves. Free to download, free to print, free to share.

Contact your local radio station

Make a quick call or send an email asking for SIAD to be mentioned on 1st March.

You could give the LifeSIGNS web address or Self injury Support web address and ask them to contact hello@lifesigns.org.uk or info@selfinjurysupport.org.uk for more information or an interview.

Mention #SIAD on your social networks and link to this page

Talk about SIAD on your Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook ; link to LifeSIGNS so people can read more about what it’s all about.

Write an article about self-injury

Blog Articles that discuss a person’s personal experiences of self-injury (and / or recovery) are always popular, and don’t need to be more than a few hundred words.

Send your non-triggering articles to hello@lifesigns.org.uk for publication before 1st March on their main blog.

Self-injury myths

Share these myths, and the hard truths. Don’t let people continue to believe these old tales.

What will you do?

We’ve made some suggestions, but it’s really down to you. What will you do to help raise awareness? Share your ideas by posting on our Twitter or Facebook pages.
Counselling & Mental Wellbeing Service on Facebook Counselling & Mental Wellbeing Service on Twitter

Remember, you don’t have to talk about yourself – you can talk about ’emotional well-being’ and what is happening on SIAD – you don’t have to get personal if you’re not comfortable.

This is a great time to ask for help and support if you’re ready to talk to someone about what’s behind your self-injury. Help yourself before you help others.

Self-injury Resources

  • The Amber Project -The Amber Project provides help and support to young people (14-25) who have experience of self harm.
  • CASIP user-led self-injury project based in Cardiff for adults, care givers and healthcare professionals. Run a weekly supportive self-help group on Monday evenings.
  • LifeSIGNS – LifeSIGNS is the user-led voluntary organisation raising awareness about self-injury.
  • Self injury Support (formerly Bristol Crisis Service for Women) – a national organisation that supports girls & women affected by self-injury or self-harm: provides TESS text and email support; Women’s Self-injury Helpline; information & publications about self-injury; self-injury training courses for professionals; supports self-injury self-help groups
  • The Calm Zone: Self Harm – The Campaign Against Living Miserably is targeted at young men aged between 15-35. The campaign offers help, information and advice via a phone and web service. Anyone, regardless of age, gender or geographic location can call the line.
  • Mind: self-harm Written to help you understand why you self-harm and what you and others can do to help.

February 28, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» FREE Stress Control Course by Valley Steps

Location: Treforest Campus, Student Hub (near Accommodation Lodge, among the student halls)
Time: Every Wednesday for six weeks commencing 1st March 1.30 – 3pm
Bookings: No booking necessary, just turn up

Stress Control aims to turn you into your own therapist by teaching you a range of skills you can use to fight back against stress and other similar problems. The sessions will help you to control the symptoms.

Who should attend? Anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety, low mood, panic attacks, poor sleep, burnout, loss of confidence or low self-esteem.

Each session covers a different element of stress control:

Session 1: Information about Stress – You will find out what stress is and what it is not, the main signs, the vicious circles that keep it alive and how Stress Control works.

Session 2: Controlling your body – We get down to tackling stress in this session. You will learn how your body signs feed stress. We look at why we get stressed and how the body reacts to it. You will learn three skills – breathing retraining, exercise and progressive relaxation. We also look at the effects of caffeine.

Session 3: Controlling your thoughts – You will learn how your thinking feeds stress. We will teach you ways to ‘think your way out of stress’.

Session 4: Controlling your actions – This session looks at how the way we act feeds our stress. You will learn ways to face your fears and skills that will teach you to ‘Problem Solve’.

Session 5: Controlling your panic – Panicky feelings are “part and parcel “ of stress. This session teaches you ways to control them. We will teach you about using your breathing to calm your body and, hence, your mind.

Session 6: Controlling your sleep, wellbeing and your future – Poor sleep is often a result of stress. In this session, we will look at skills to help you to improve your sleep pattern. Wellbeing starts the final set of skills as we look at ways of staying on top of stress.

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February 27, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» NSS Race Week Four: Last Chance - It'll Be a Photo Finish

Last update before the first winners are announced: the School with the highest NSS response rate by the end of February (tomorrow, Tuesday) will win the first celebration event!

FBS:65%, CES:60%, FCI:66%, LSE:60%

Prizes you can win this year:

  1. If you complete the survey before 28th February, you will be entitled to a free hot drink. Vouchers are available from the Advice Zones on each campus.
  2. If you complete the survey at any point, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of four £250 Amazon vouchers. The winners will be selected by Ipsos Mori and they will be informed if they have won by the end of April 2017.
  3. NEW for 2017: the University will pay the Students’ Union to organise a celebration event for students of the Schools…
    • with the highest percentage response rate by the 28th February
    • with the highest percentage response rate by the 30th April

Mere Hours To Go….

As far as faculties go, Creative Industries students have maintained their pole position. However, to win the prize, it’s a race between the Schools.

After four weeks, the School of Care Sciences is still top of the league for winning the Celebration Event, but with a mere 0.12% lead over Art and Design, this is no time for anyone to rest on any laurels! The students in the School of Psychology & Therapeutic Studies are snapping at their heels too, less than a percent below Care Sciences – rounded, all three schools are at 70%!

Credit where credit is due: judging by their performance so far, the nurses and midwives are the toughest competitors on campus! If only the rest of the LSE Faculty could keep up…

Fill in the NSS, encourage your coursemates, and spread the word!

If you want a chance to party, help your School top the league by the end of the month!

Here’s how USW’s Schools were doing at the end of week four:

Care Sciences: 70%, Art and Design: 70%, Psychology and Therapeutic Studies: 70%, Computing and Mathematics: 68%, Humanities and Social Sciences:67%

Image Credits and Copyrights: Under the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Quotation and Parody) Regulations 2014, copyrighted content can be used for purposes of satire and parody. This image is a composite including copyrighted images as follows:

All characters / figurines: copyright Lego.
1) Wyldstyle Minifigure – Copyright Brickipedia
2) Business Man Alien Conquest Minifigure – Copyright Brickipedia
3) Benny – Alternate Expression – Copyright Brickimedia
4) Barbara Gordon Ceremonial Minifigure – Copyright Brickipedia

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February 24, 2017

Glamlife News from DDS site
Glamlife News from DDS site
Disability and Dyslexia Service News for tag - glamlife
» Dyslexia Vlog

A Vlog by a USW student about Dyslexia support at University

One of our USW Bloggers, Charlie, has created a vlog about dealing with dyslexia at university.


If you have any questions about Dyslexia Support at USW or about the process of getting assessed please contact our Disability Advisers ddsadviser@southwales.ac.uk

February 22, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Welsh Week at our Campus Eateries

Come and try some lovely Welsh themed menus at our campus eateries to celebrate St David’s Day!

Welsh food will be served all week:


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