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April 10, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» NSS - It's Not Over Yet!

The National Student Survey (NSS) has just a few weeks left before it closes. The University needs feedback from students, and the NSS – which is probably your final chance to do so – is the most important feedback tool of all.

Prizes you can win this year:

  1. NEW for 2017: the University will pay the Students’ Union to organise a celebration event for students of the Schools…
    • which had the highest percentage response rate by the 28th February (won by the School of Education, Early Years and Social Work, which narrowly overtook the School of Care Sciences in a last-minute sprint)
    • which will have the highest percentage response rate by the 30th April (The race is still on!)

The Race

Here’s the state of the race as of Friday, 7th April:

Education, Early Years and Social Work: 81%; Computing and Mathematics: 77%; Art and Design: 77%; Care Sciences: 75%; Psychology and Therapeutic Studies: 75%; Music and Performance: 74%; Law and Finance: 74%; Media: 73%; Humanities and Social Sciences: 73%; Applied Science: 72%; Business School: 72%; Engineering: 70%; Health, Sport and Professional Practice: 66%

Well done, Education, Early Years & Social Work students. At this rate, the school may well the prize for the second round as well as the one they’ve already won for the first round!

Meanwhile, Health, Sport and Professional Practice students are limping on in last place. Oh dear.

Fill in the NSS, encourage your coursemates, and spread the word! If you want to party, help your School top the league!

The Back Of The Queue

The NSS only publishes results for courses where the number of submissions is at least 10 and at least 50% of eligible students. If fewer students fill in the survey, the results are not published.

The majority of courses have now successfully crossed that threshold, some haven’t yet. Here are the courses which are still falling short, and the number of survey submissions that are required for the NSS results to be published:

Course School NSS Response Shortfall
BA (HONS) PERFORMING ARTS Music and Performance 1
BA Business Studies Business School 1
BA Creative and Professional Writing Humanities and Social Sciences 1
BA Photography Art and Design 1
Bachelor of Midwifery Care Sciences 1
BEng Mechanical Engineering Engineering 2
BSc Civil Engineering Engineering 3
BSc Computer Security Computing and Maths 1
BSc Computing Computing and Maths 2
BSc Forensic Chemistry Applied Science 2
BSc Geology Applied Science 1
BSc Lighting Design and Technology Engineering 9
BSc Live Event Technology Engineering 1
BSc Natural History Applied Science 2
BSc Pharmaceutical Science Applied Science 1
BSc Sociology with Criminology Humanities and Social Sciences 1
BSc Sound Technology Music and Performance 1
Foundation Degree Animal Health and Welfare Applied Science 1
Foundation Degree Community Football Coaching and Development Health, Sport and Professional Practiice 5
Foundation Degree Creative Industries (Film and Video) Media 1
Foundation Degree in Psychology Psychology and Therapeutic Studies 1
Foundation Degree Rugby Coaching and Development Health, Sport and Professional Practiice 1
Higher National Diploma Animal Studies Applied Science 2
HND Information Communication Technology Computing and Maths 2
HND Mechanical Engineering Engineering 3
ICAEW Law and Finance 5
MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering Engineering 1

It’s literally up to one or two students on most of these courses! If you’re in your final year, don’t miss out on your chance to contribute!

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April 7, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» IT Systems Will Be Running 'At Risk' on Monday 10th April

A Business Continuity Test Day scheduled for Monday 10th April will put all of the University’s IT systems 'at risk’ to test whether they can cope under pressure.

What does that mean?

IT Services are not anticipating any disruption to services, but systems will be 'at risk’, so problems are more likely to occur than usual. IT Services can’t plan for where these might occur, so please be prepared for potential delays or temporary loss of services during the day.

Monday 10th April is the first day of the Easter vacation, so there will be limited impact on teaching and learning and IT Services are not expecting many assessment submissions.

What do I need to do?

On Monday, please save any work you do on Univeristy computers as regularly as you can, and back it up where possible.

How do I report an IT issue on 10th April?

Via IT Customer Support on 01443 482882

How long will services be at risk?

We expect normal service to be resumed on Tuesday 11th April.

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April 6, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» University Opening hours over Easter 2017

The last day of spring term is Friday 7th April and summer term starts on Tuesday 2nd May.

If you’re staying on or around our campuses over the Easter break you’ll need to know what services and facilities are open during the vacation.

The University will be closed starting on Friday 14th April and will reopen on Wednesday 19th April. It is also closed on May 1st. This covers all campuses, buildings and services, except student halls and campus security.

Easter Bunny Eschews Chocolate Eggs

University-wide services

Cardiff campuses

Glyntaff campuses

Newport City campus

Treforest campus

Students’ Unions

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March 28, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Earn a £5 book token for 10 mins talking to us about UniLife

The UniLife team are in Treforest Library today until 3pm asking students how they use UniLife and what they want from UniLife and the University’s other websites and services.

We’re at a desk just past reception, near the cafe. Drop by and we’ll ask you some simple questions in exchange for the book token. It’s a good chance for you to tell us you thinks works or doesn’t about UniLife and how you think it can be improved.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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March 27, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Sports Competition: USW Vs Trinity Saint David

On the 29th March, the University of South Wales Students’ Union will play host to the second annual 'East vs. West’, competing against The University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.


During the competition 200 of USWSU’s sports players will go head to head with 200 of their counterparts from Trinity Saint David in 16 games to battle for 1 trophy.

The games will begin at 11.30am with FREE entry for all USW spectators. Show your support for Team USW by wearing red!

More information see: East Vs West 2.

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March 23, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» South Wales Police Statement Regarding Terror Attack in London

South Wales Police Chief Constable Peter Vaughan has made a statement in response to the events in Westminster yesterday:

“I extend the sympathies of all of us at South Wales Police to those affected by the grave events in London yesterday.
“In the light of this incident in Westminster, South Wales Police is reviewing its current security arrangements and monitoring updates from the Metropolitan Police Service.
“I want to reassure the public that there is no specific threat to this region. However, the public are urged to be extra vigilant and to report suspicious incidents.
“Police visibility will increase in certain areas, such as crowded places and iconic locations across the South Wales Police force area. The threat level across the UK is currently at Severe.
“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected by yesterday’s terrorist incident.”

The public is advised to be alert but not alarmed. Communities are urged our to remain vigilant and to report any concerns to the confidential Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789321. In an emergency, always call 999. In addition, you can report suspicious activity online.

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March 15, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Brook Street Gate Closure

Brook Street Gate will be closed Saturday 18th March from 7am – noon.

The closure is due to a Kinglift crane moving equipment to the rear of CAPSE. Access in and around CAPSE will be restricted by red markers.
Access to campus will be through Llantwit Road, Ty Crawshay steps or via Forest Grove.

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March 14, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Students' Union Elections - decide who leads your union

Get set to vote!

SU Elections 2017

Each year five Executive Officers and a team of Campaign Officers are elected into office at University of South Wales’ Student’s Union. The elected officers will act and speak on your behalf for the whole of the academic year. By voting, you’re making sure the right people are picked to make your voice heard at the highest level.

Voting opens on Monday 20th March at 9am and closes on the 23rd March at 6pm. Put it in your diary now so you don’t forget.

For more information about the elections and the candidates see www.uswsu.com/leadershiprace.

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March 9, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Musicians: Opportunity for USW Student Bands

Lighting & Live Event students are working on a project to design the lighting for a band (gig) as part of an assessed practical. This means there’s an opportunity for free promotional footage for your band, on either Monday 27th March or 3rd April.

The filming will take place at the Wales Millennium Centre and you’d need to be free on either or both dates, between 11am and 6pm.

All we ask is that you send us a sample track in advance and in return you’ll get:

  • Free footage from the project which you can use to promote your band
  • Coverage from the University on a collaborative project

If you’re interested please contact Moira Wooles as soon as possible.

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March 6, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Are you 'Cyber Aware'?

From frantic essay writing to watching the latest boxset or catching up on your friends’ exploits on social media– using the internet on your devices is part of daily life, with more and more valuable content stored online – from photos to coursework.

Not being able to use this due to a cyber-attack is more than just annoying, it can have serious consequences for your course, your finances – and your time.

As a student you are no less likely to be targeted by cyber criminals than anyone else. In fact, falling victim to cyber crime is now much more common than burglary. Dealing with the aftermath of an attack can be frustrating – losing access to your money or bank account, that essay you spent all night writing or an embarrassing social media hack – don’t let future employers be put off by seeing inappropriate content on your accounts!

The government’s Cyber Aware campaign, which follows advice and technical expertise from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, has two top pieces of advice to help students at the University of South Wales to improve their online security:

  • #ThinkRandom and use three random words to create a strong password. Numbers and symbols can still be used if needed, e.g. RowlingBeyonce96. A weak password can allow hackers to use your email to gain access to many personal accounts, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.
  • Always download the latest software and app updates on your devices. They’re not just about aesthetics. They contain vital security which help protect your devices from hackers and viruses.

These simple steps only take a few minutes and making them second nature will help keep the threats of cyber crime at bay this term!

For more information go to cyberaware.gov.uk or join the conversation @cyberawaregov.

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