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February 6, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Disruptive Incidents Around Treforest Campus

The Students’ Union and the local police have been dealing with a number of disruptive incidents in and around campus.

We’d like to ask students to be more conscientious of their actions at and near Uni, and in particular think about how those actions might impact other people. We know that most of our students don’t cause problems in their communities but unfortunately some do, and some are suffering from their neighbours’ antisocial behaviours.

Complaints received have included:

  • Noise levels from students going home.
  • Tipping waste bins over.
  • Leaving bottles and cans in the area.
  • House parties and excessive noise levels.

If behaviour like this continues, the Students’ Unions risks losing their venue license.

Please remember that people around you will have different lifestyles. Young families, elderly people, people doing 9-5 jobs, students on other courses – they all have different schedules. The page Neighbours and Community Living has some ideas about the things you might consider, so we can all live as easily and stress free together as possible.

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February 2, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» USW Digital Literacy Survey

Please complete USW’s digital literacy survey.

With your participation we hope to learn how you use technology, what you like and dislike about it, and how we can all get better at it.


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» Global Choices Guest Speakers

The University hosts regular public lectures by influential artists, diplomats, politicians and campaigners. The Global Choices: Talking Points lecture series addresses some of the most complex and pressing challenges facing the world today. It’s your chance to questions of people who have been witness to, or, in some cases, participants in, major world events.

The lectures are livestreamed online.

Today, 2nd February 2017, at 1pm, you can watch Lord Peter Hain’s lecture about Donald Trump and Trumpenomics live.

You can also find recordings of previous Global Choices lectures on iTunes U

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January 24, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Intra Mural 5 & 7 a-side Football Competitions

Could you be the next champions?

If so, pick your team name and sign up for our intra mural 5-a-side (Sunday 4-6pm) & 7-a-side (Thursday 6.30-8.30pm) football competitions. Starting Thursday 26th January!
There are 8 teams in each league with 2 fixtures guaranteed every week. Trophies for the winning team and the top goal scorers.

For an entry form or for more information please contact lewys.thomas@southwales.ac.uk.

Places are already filling up so book today to avoid missing out!

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» Give Welsh a Cwtch

Santes Dwynwen’s Day is celebrated in Wales on 25 January. Santes Dwynwen is Wales’patron Saint of love. Celebrating this festival has become increasingly popular over recent years.

St Dwynwen's Day

Over the years, many couples have met and fallen in love at the University, so why not join in the fun and celebrate the language of love on Wednesday.

We’re encouraging learners and people who want a taste of the language to use their Welsh on this special day for lovers in Wales – and hope this will inspire people to continue to learn the language once they see that Welsh really is the language of love! Have a go at some of these romantic phrases…

‘Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus’ / Happy Santes Dwynwen’s Day
Deeth Saantess do-in-when haa-pis

‘Dwi’n dy garu di’ / I love you
Dween dugh Gary dee

'Rwyt ti’n bert’ / You are beautiful
Roo-it teen bear-t

‘Mae gen i anrheg i ti’ / I have a gift for you
Ma-ee gain-e annereg e-tee

‘Rwyt ti’n berffaith’ / You are perfect’
Roo-it teen bear-phaaeth

‘Rwyt ti’n werth y byd i mi’ / You mean the world to me
Roo-it teen wearth eugh bead ee me

‘Ti’n lysh! / You’re lush!
Teen lush!

‘Ga i Sws?’ / Can I have a kiss?
Gaa – e Soos? (‘Soo’ as in ‘Zoo’)


Carwch y Gymraeg

Mae Dydd Santes Dwynwen yn cael ei ddathlu yng Nghymru ar 25 Ionawr. Santes Dwynwen yw nawddsant cariadon Cymru. Mae dathlu’r ŵyl yn boblogaidd iawn erbyn heddiw.

Mae nifer o gyplau wedi cyfarfod yn y Brifysgol dros y blynyddoedd, felly rydym ni’n ymuno yn rhamant yr wyl, gan annog pobl i ddefnyddio’r Gymraeg wrth fod yn ramantus ddydd Mercher.

Rydym yn annog dysgwyr a phobl sydd eisiau blas ar yr iaith i ddefnyddio’r Gymraeg ar ddiwrnod arbennig cariadon Cymru. Gobeithio y bydd hyn yn ysbrydoli pobl i barhau i ddysgu’r iaith wrth iddyn nhw sylweddoli bod y Gymraeg yn iaith mor ramantus!

Dyma rai brawddegau rhamantus yn y Gymraeg i’ch helpu chi…...

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January 23, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Disruption to IT Support logging system 'Point of Business' (POB) 28th January 2017

Please be aware that due to essential work on the IT Support logging system Point of Business (POB) there may be disruption to service on Saturday 28th January 2017.

The maintenance should cause little disruption, and users should be able to use the system as normal, however the service should be considered as 'running at risk’ between 9am and 5pm, where access to the system may be intermittent.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these updates, please contact IT Support by telephone on +44 (0) 1443 482882 or online at https://support.southwales.ac.uk/wssp.

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December 16, 2016

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Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Make Professional Short Films in South Wales

The It’s My Shout production training scheme makes short films for television and screen. Every year, the company makes short films for partners such as BBC Cymru Wales, S4C, UK Film Council and the Arts Council of Wales. Working on It’s My Shout films is an excellent chance to gain experience and exposure.

Follow It’s My Shout on Twitter to find out when recruiting opens:

"Roger Bond" from Mei Lewis / Mission Photographic on Vimeo.

USW Examples

  • USW Performance and Media graduate Ellen Thomas 's film Tin Dancing Shoes was shown on BBC Two Wales last month.
  • The script for Tin Dancing Shoes was written by Gavin Baker, a USW BA Film graduate.
  • UniLife Team Member Mei Lewis, meanwhile, has been Producer of several 'Behind the Scenes’ segments, and Camera Man and Director of Photography for several It’s My Shout movies.

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December 14, 2016

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Safety from Crime Over Christmas

Christmas is great, but unfortunately, the holiday season can be a high time for criminal activity.

The Student Safety and Crime Prevention UniLife site provides advice that applies to all seasons. Below, we’ve collected together specific advice for the holidays.


  • Avoid drinks that you have not seen being poured, and never leave a drink unattended
  • If you suddenly feel unusually drunk, ask a trusted friend to take you home and seek medical help
  • Never leave bags and phones unattended, and keep an eye on your belongings at all times
  • Be sensible when consuming alcohol, and don’t let it affect your ability to take care of yourself. Drink water between each alcoholic beverage – this will help you to avoid that dreaded hangover too!
  • Keep to well-lit areas when walking between pubs and clubs
  • Use a reputable taxi firm to get home, and travel with friends. If you walk home, do so in a group and not on your own

Going home for Christmas?

  • Take your valuables home with you
  • Remove obvious signs from windows that it’s a student house e.g. posters
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked when you leave
  • Clear gardens of items such as bricks/ladders that could be used to force entry
  • Ask your landlord/letting agent or trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your house during the holidays and ask them to push through any mail left hanging from letter boxes and bring in your bins
  • So the house appears occupied set up light timers to come on whilst you are away and close curtains in ground floor bedrooms
  • Make sure the boiler comes on for a few hours each day to prevent pipes from freezing
  • When you return don’t make it obvious that Santa has been generous by leaving packaging of expensive presents on display or in bins as burglars know the packaging relates to items worth stealing
  • Go to www.immobilise.com a free property protection register for any new electrical items, mobiles, bikes, laptops etc.

Vehicle Crime

  • Always keep it locked! This includes securing your motorbike, scooter or bicycle
  • Don’t leave anything on display and remove all valuables from your car
  • Ensure you park in busy, well- lit areas with CCTV if possible

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December 12, 2016

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Train Service Changes Over Christmas Period

If you’re planning to travel by train over the Christmas period please be aware of some disruptions.

See Arriva’s web page Travelling in the South Wales area between Christmas and New Year? for details.

Arriva Christmas Poster

Network Rail is undertaking essential modernisation work in the South Wales area which will affect both local Cardiff and Valleys services and mainline services (Arriva Trains Wales, GWR and Cross Country services) between Newport and Bridgend. The work will enable the potential for more services to run on the Cardiff and Valleys network in the future.

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» Opening hours during the Christmas vacation period 2016/17

The Autumn Term ends on Friday 16th December 2016, and Spring Term begins on Monday 9th January 2017.

If you’re staying on or around our campuses over the Christmas break you’ll need to know what services and facilities are open during the vacation.

The University will close on Friday 23 December 2016 at 12 noon and re-open on Tuesday 3 January 2017. This covers all campuses, buildings and services, except student halls and campus security.

All Campuses

Resident Tutor cover has yet to be arranged for the vacation. If you are in need of this type of help lease see the Accommodation Office in Glamorgan Court, which is open 24×7. For more information about *Resident Tutor*s see Resident Tutors.

Cardiff Campus

  • Advice Zone & Admin – open from 10am to 4pm out of term time. Closed when campus is closed.

Glyntaff Campus

  • Glyntaff Advice Zone – opening hours will be 10am to 4pm from the 19th of December until the 9th of January. Usual term-time hours can be found here.

Newport City Campus

  • Advice Zone – outside term time opening hours are 10am-4pm, excepting 23rd December, 10am-12pm, and when the campus is closed.

Treforest Campus

  • Treforest Health Centre – closed from 3pm on Fri 16th Dec and will reopen for normal working hours on Monday 9th January 2017. If you require health advice during this period please contact your GP surgery or NHS Direct Wales 0845 46 47.
  • Treforest Advice Zone and Student Administration – outside term time opening hours are 10am-4pm, except Christmas Eve 10am-12pm.
  • Cash Office and Revenue Office – The Treforest Cash Office will be open 9am – 11am on the 23rd and not be open again until 3rd January. The Revenue Office will be open 9am – 12.30pm on the 23rd and not be open again until 3rd January.
  • SU Shop – Open as usual until Thursday 15th. On that Thursday and Friday the shop will be open from 8am until 6pm. It is then closed from the 17th December, re-opening on the 9th Jan.

Student Support

Although the number of appointments may be reduced slightly during the vacation, Student Support reception at Treforest will be open normal term-time hours, except during the campus closure period.

These normal hours are: Monday-Friday: 9.30am-4.30pm

Support services include:

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